Mission Statement

BETATEC is formed in the framework of the German-Israeli Chamber of Industry & Commerce (AHK), to create a binational, bilateral platform concentrating on the information and communication industries and startups, on innovation management and entrepreneurship in Israel and Germany.

The mission of BETATEC is to enhance and further develop the collaboration between the two countries in the ICT fields, and maximize the economic and social value derived from such cooperation.

BETATEC has the following objectives:


  1. Be a policy advisory resource for both governments, and undertake activities to help further develop the bilateral economic and business relationships in the hi-tech field.

    - Support the governments in creating initiatives and policies to enhance the bilateral economic relations. Work with research institutions (e.g. Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Technion), governmental institutions (e.g. the OCS, Beirat Junge Digitale Wirtschaft) and NGOs (e.g. Israel Advanced Technology Industries Association, BITKOM) to explore trends and innovations which can be supported by the governments.

    - Create a supportive environment for the further development of and the exchange between start-up communities in both countries.

    - Facilitate the availability of venture capital, private equity, seed monies and angel investments in both countries’ hi-tech industries.

    - Explore ways to further develop international markets for the hi-tech industries of both countries.

  2. Create and maintain BETATEC as a platform for on-going business to business networking, thus enhancing and facilitating collaboration between German and Israeli entities.

    - Advisory and consultation to entities on both sides.

    - B2B events – facilitate and host business delegations in both countries, support presence in fairs, etc.

    - Prepare and support market and technology surveys and information for specific industry needs.

  3. Become the chamber´s executing arm for business development activities in support of individual partners.

    - Make the existence of BETATEC public in the Israeli and German industry eco-systems and position it as an open, neutral and supportive entity.

    - Be the focal point within the chamber for all ICT related activities.